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Steam Summer Sale “Haul”

Check out my haul from the 2017 Steam Summer Sale! I didn't get too many games but the ones I got are definitely worth a look in my opinion. I have so many games on my wishlist and can't wait to eventually have them all. Especially the horror games.

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RagdollKirstie Cosplay Interview

My second interview is with the awesome and talented 26 year old momma, Kirstie Cheyenne, aka RagdollKierstie! I met her at NashiCon 2016 after she hosted a League of Legends panel and I was absolutely in love with her cosplay, Arcade Riven. She actually finished that cosplay right before heading in to do the panel and it was still amazing. We've grown to become friends since then & I'm so excited to share some information about her with everyone!

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Cosplaying With “Chronic Pain”?

Having an undiagnosed problem that causes chronic pain can cause a number of issues & fears with everything. Even simple day to day activities such as making a meal, brushing your teeth, or simply getting out of bed & making your way to the bathroom. So, I figured I'd make this post be about the fears I have about cosplaying with chronic pain & all the different issues & side effects that come with the pain. I'll try to break down and explain each reason throughout the post, including separate sections to explain different side effects.

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Fleeting Embers Cosplay Interview

My first interview for my blog is with the beautiful Fleeting Embers Cosplay! There's a link to her instagram and she's suggested some pretty awesome cosplayers to check out.

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World of Warcraft Mounts: Favorite Haves & Favorite Wants

My top five favorite mounts that I have and the top five that I WANT. Including some links to five extra wants.


Next 3 Cosplays

Here's the next three cosplays I'll be working on & a little info about them! It also includes a little insight to why I would like to cosplay them. Just click the title of the blog entry!


 Howdy Do!

I'm a 25 year old who's been interested in cosplaying for several years now and am finally trying to break into it. I went to my first local convention in either 2008 or 2009 and saw all of the amazing people cosplaying as their favorite characters from different shows, games, and even books. Click "Howdy Do" to read the entire post!